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I'm liking the new background on my iPad :)

Does anyone know what fire switches do on the outside of shops? #asktwitter

Thank god those are 2 separate shows on 5*!

Does anyone have one of these hiding in the attic that they no longer want? I'll gladly take it off your hands :)

You don't see many phone boxes like this anymore #forgottentechnology #phonebox

My trainers are a bit dirty... any tips on how to clean them properly?

What a depressing sight. Hurry up friday damm it!

It's been one of those days, I'm going to finish this off in no time at all

This is what's filling up my TiVo. What do you have on your boxes? #showyourrecordings

My healthy night time snack...

The landlord is coming on Friday for a 'fire & safety' inspection on Friday. Do you think my door will pass? #opps

Tub of mini roast potatoes for £1? Yes please! #iLoveRoasties