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oi, same bowl? Haha


Bountiful. I wish I was Thumbelina so thatbi can do orange climbing powered by tangy zest.

Am being fed left & right. This is my 6th obligation to overfeed myself.

If you don't love your English teacher..


Packing snacks for kids. Erm, why did I do this again?

Erm. Why did I do this again?

To be able to feel & say sorry is being answerable not to other people but your self.

If your dotter still x convinced on why she needs to study for her future, rely on no1 4 dough, say nah & show her this

Us the weaker sex? Definitely not when it comes to willpower. Physically, I've already pushed a human outta my womb wat

My heart shaped red enamel earrings are bleeding my ear lobes.

Breakfast was halfa ton of cakes&cookies so I made some porridge balls 2giv it a semblance of normalcy minus the guilt.

Let that person,b the same one I'll see in my kitchen who will cook me my all-time favorite Assam Laksa one day.

Big butts will make a comeback aitelyu.

mine 4 today.1st time trying out BRTC mask.Taking 2 masking as the quickest way 2 doze off&wake up nice

Cuba teka apa ini. Realistic guesses plis as in will bytch slap nonsense.

Houses are too expensive nowadays.

Rain caught red handed.

Today's refresher.

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