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Recovering political hack. PhD Student in Political Science at George Washington. Campaigns, Israel, Food, NC. Favorites aren't flirts (usually).

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The view from Aphrodite's rock, near Paphos, Cyprus from a few days ago.

The view from Aphrodite's rock, near Paphos, Cyprus from a few days ago.

  • 356 days ago via site
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There is an amusing mistake in this red bull ad.

  • 420 days ago via site
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This is an interesting promoted tweet....

  • 421 days ago via site
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NC Unemployment rate change vs national state level average since January 2009. #ncpol

  • 710 days ago via site
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. and I saw this in Haifa. This is real

  • 746 days ago via site
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Debra Goldman voting on education in Wake County, displaying serious concern for important issues. #ncpol #sigh

  • 903 days ago via site
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Daniel Day Lewis & James Taylor. Secret twins separated at birth? gets credit for this discovery

  • 925 days ago via site
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More "proof" Obama has conceded NC. Giant popup banner on N&O homepage for early voting. #ncpol

  • 957 days ago via site
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This guy doesn't need to run for VP, he already won Douche in Chief

  • 964 days ago via site
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Romney's trip to Israel in 1 simple picture.

  • 1037 days ago via site
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Bain Capital is a top 10 google search this morning. Here is what voters in NC are seeing when they search.

  • 1051 days ago via site
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OFA is now offering choices in online ads.

  • 1072 days ago via site
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Facebook Fail.

  • 1076 days ago via site
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See all those dots to the right of the line? That is why they called it for Walker

  • 1092 days ago via site
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Blue is state funding, Green is federal, red line is enrollment. 08-09 to 12-13 #ncga #ncpol

  • 1155 days ago via site
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You would have to pay me to hit "permanently bypass" on this page. #gopack #ncsu #sweet16

  • 1171 days ago via site
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. is advertising his campaign announcement in Durham on facebook. #ncpol #ncgov

  • 1201 days ago via site
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This is the running RCP average of the GOP nomination since last August. #insanity

  • 1207 days ago via site
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Saw this ad on pandora. I'm not the only one who sees a big giant problem with it right? #misogyny

  • 1226 days ago via site
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Bill's unedited response to my email. Posted far and wide, since he called me a liar about doing so. #ncga #ncpol

  • 1234 days ago via site
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