Jared Robertson


Founding member of @CollegeandMag. Auburn, Heat, Braves. Sarcasm. Beer mostly, bourbon the rest. Once got thrown out by Joey Crawford.

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O RLY HERE YA GO. RT : I just saw that your a heat fan, no longer speaking to you.


CollegeandMag, y’all.


Southern Comfort tastes better when you have 3 Heisman Trophies surrounding it, you guys.

In the words of , that’s a luck

what about John Parker Wilson? #trollin

I found this hilarious, and I really don’t know why.


so by saying that, you’re saying you’re against gay rights.

“Sup, bitches?”

This is his, “Oh, you’re in the kitchen cooking so I should totally get some food right now” face.



courtesy of

it was a mention, I just took it out.