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Pilah-pilih dr sambal ijo sampe bakar, akhirnya nyoba bebek kremes. Yg ternyata aga alot. Rasa terbantu sambal. (C+)

Tadi sore sempat mampir di Bebek Ginyo Tebet. Penasaran krn gaungnya uda lama kedengeran. #livebites

Suka banget Colenak isi tape ini. Sidesnya ga kalah sedap, eskrim kopyor + duren. Orgasmic!

Tried their chestnut pie and fell in love with it. Its a B+ for me. I heard this came from the same group w/ Eaton.

Found a new hidden bakery / pattisserie in Pluit. Cute name, Tangerine. For eat-in they serve ramens.

I have a newfound love for pho! This was last night beef-shabu pho at Pho 24, Wolter Monginsidi, 45k (B+)

HAHAHA. selamat menikmati ;)

Hero of today's lunch: braised pork belly w/ porkbone soup Chef's Table (B) 55k. #livebites

Kue paling nyolot =p tapi murah dan manis nikmat. #livebites

From the looks of it is not just offering fish and chips. There's Japanese food too. Here's a peek!

Welcome to the neighborhood. PIK is now even more lively. When will you open for public?

Tried and tasted earlier ar Senopati. Must say the tom yum fried beef is flavorful. 48k (B) #livebites

Hong Tang (PIK) shaved ice with red bean, peanut & pearl. Soya based. Not my cup of tea. 26k. #livebites

Hong Tang shaved Ice with q-ball, red bean ice cream and pearl (kinda like boba). 22k. Surprisingly good. #livebites

Checking out this new oriental dessert place in PIK: Hong Tang. All packed at this hour. Esp w/ elderly. #livebites

Lunching at . Shio Ramen set w/ gohan and chawan mushi (95k). #livebites #santoukaindo

Tried Cali Deli lemongrass sandwich the other day. Must say the baguette is crunchy good. The rest is okay. (B-)

My current crush: Albens Cider! 48k and worth every tiny sweet tipsy drop. #livebites

A plateful of Nasi Campur rarely fails to satisfy my hunger. Especially this one from Kenanga, Wijaya. (B)

Beautiful Apple Sandwich for brunch. (B-) #livebites

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