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Hi, I’m Sam @ Walkers Crisps. Tell us what you think our new mystery flavours are & you could WIN £50,000! To submit a guess, go to http://bit.ly/FlavourGuess.

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Still having trouble guessing #whatsthatflavour? This image is packed full of clues to help you win £50,000! Don't forget to submit your guesses at www.walkers.co.uk - there's only 3 days left to enter!

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Here's a clue for Mystery Flavour C. Remember to enter your guesses at http://bit.ly/FlavourGuess. Good luck! #whatsthatflavour

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Are you a fan of #TOWIE? If so, you’ll be #welljel if you miss our live chat with & at 12:30pm this Thursday! Remember to have your #whatsthatflavour bags at the ready to join in the flavour debate with them!

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We've just heard from Crisp HQ that the clue we posted yesterday wasn't 100% accurate, so here's an updated version which might help you even more. Can you work it out now? Remember to submit your guesses at http://bit.ly/FlavourGuess for the chance to win £50,000! #whatsthatflavour

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No idea what Mystery Flavour C could be? This clue may point you in the right direction! Remember, to officially enter the competition to win £50,000 you’ll need to enter your flavour guesses at http://bit.ly/FlavourGuess. Good luck! #whatsthatflavour

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Mystery Flavour C, also known as the ‘Spicy one’ is generating some ‘heated’ discussion! http://bit.ly/wlkrscrisps #whatsthatflavour

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Mystery Flavour B, also known as the ‘Meaty one’. A ‘feast’ for your tastebuds, but what is it? http://bit.ly/wlkrscrisps #whatsthatflavour

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Mystery Flavour A, also known as the ‘Dairy one'. People think it’s a bit 'cheesy', but do you? http://bit.ly/wlkrscrisps #whatsthatflavour

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We’ve had Gary’s famous face recreated using hundreds of ingredients. He’s never looked so good! #whatsthatflavour

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Introducing our brand new packs! Which one are you going to try first? #whatsthatflavour

Tell us what you think the Mystery Flavours are and you could WIN £50,000! To submit a guess, head to http://bit.ly/FlavourGuess.

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We've released 3 new flavours, inspired by delicious ingredients from all over Britain. But we're not telling you what they are! Instead, we're giving you the chance to WIN £50,000 for each flavour if you can guess exactly what it's called. If you think your tastebuds are up to it, go to http://bit.ly/FlavourGuess and tell us 'What’s That Flavour'!

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Retweet this if you're having a bag of Walkers for lunch!

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Exciting news! We have a VERY special guest popping into Crisps HQ on Tuesday to take over our Twitter account and talk to you lovely people! Can you guess who it is? ^Sam

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Are you taking part in ? I’m doing my best to cultivate a well-crafted 100% face grown moustache. If you have any grooming tips or photos of your Mo’gress do let me know! ^Sam #movember

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Me and Gavin the farmer! Nice guy, but he sure works you hard! #muddy ^Sam

My first time in front of a camera! ^Sam #exciting

I’ll probably spend most of the day admiring this lovely view... :) ^Sam

Which flavour shall I go for today - a classic bag of Cheese & Onion or something a bit different like Prawn Cocktail? Decisions, decisions... ^Sam

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^Sam's back from holiday! Look how brown (orange) he is ;) ^Ruth

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We’re getting through boxes of Cheddar & Onion Crinkles faster than you can say "Gary Lineker"! ^Sam

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