professional basketball player #ballislife #dmv #samo .. Kd n Vick my fav athletes

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Chicken Tenders ...lol..I jus got a basic ass meal #fuckit

We play early as shit! I'm jus sittin here chillin... U kno I ain't playn n shit

Late night snack....yessirr

Dis shit is a waste of time!

I wanna throw dis dry ass biscuit @ sumbody...

They jus on stage raaaappin about nuffin...I wouldn't even b hype about gettin in the NAIA hall of fame..#sikenah I would but dis ish wack

lls mountain st is in west va

#lastsummer niggas broke In my brother car out @ da farms lol...my parents were mad as shit. .

coaches b blowin me w/ deze oc text messages!!..smh..LEAVE ME ALONE DOG! lol

All da doors in Kansas City r like dis...dis ish blooows me...lol

Dis sour cream look like Elmers Glue

Dis my 1st time evr @ chipotle..dis shit look nasty

Dis my 1st time evr @ chipotle..dis shit look nasty

I take advantage of the free food when the coaching staff takes us out 2 eat...

lol wouldn't listen 2 n e of these artists either...smh #fail

I will nvr listen 2 n e of these artists...smh

I know u can't really c but...yea...u already kno lol

Goin 2 get sum grub...

Lookin @ this pic makes me remember all the good times we shared... :(