u aint got the answers !

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Dis my 1st time evr @ chipotle..dis shit look nasty

Dis my 1st time evr @ chipotle..dis shit look nasty

I take advantage of the free food when the coaching staff takes us out 2 eat...

lol wouldn't listen 2 n e of these artists either...smh #fail

I will nvr listen 2 n e of these artists...smh

I know u can't really c but...yea...u already kno lol

Goin 2 get sum grub...

Lookin @ this pic makes me remember all the good times we shared... :(

Lol my teammate w/ the UGG slippers...rich white boy ish

Niggas tryna get right! Haaaa

WTF?????? Somebody tell me what's wrong w/ this pic

Anything my coach sends me.. #textsihate

#Shouout 2 the chef dat blessed us w/ dis great meal

Lmfao...he is oc wit da syrup doe!!

dis my lil indian nigga ri here....we @ breakfast

I'm bout 2 start twitpic'n deeez ocu broads...smh u c dem shoes???? #fail

dis girl keep starin @ me! Lol clearly she's not da bait! ..smh..who can tell me what's wrong?? Lls

I'm bout 2 order another pair of these...what u think??

I'm bout 2 play!! Fuck it ain't shit else 2 do ...lol

1 of my fav places on campus...