W. Aziz


Man I'm terrified of judgement day because I know I wasn't doing right, So for me to continue to do things that are haram would just be insane.

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ye right, you ring me! Uuuuffffff

ask how many offers I've had, his mums friends daughters lol. I just say

is Such a sweetie when he wants something....

you found some1? I need to get married too Bruv, after umrah, maybe double wedding

can I call you me bongo?

ye ye you just wanted some drama

ye they call it the morning after

Gyal dem broken up with you !!!

that pics for deeba

boo that, it'll take me all day, will only retweet cheesy lines.

temper temper that says a lot.... Muhaha


how's the mrs? Don't say which one.

RT : Your ballin' with your student loan lol.. Calm down <<< that is so true

Uuuuuufffff Ghanaian with 'Allah is great' t-shirt under his top.

RT : He's back!!!!! #hollyoaks <<<< lmao #jokeThing