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Gorgeous fall day. This is the Carnegie library in the U-District. Taking the day off, I think.

Something really pleasing about an edged lawn.

Rolled sole filets with dill sauce.

My girlfriend and I are happy this eucalyptus appears to be coming back.

Convention Center transport area, and skyline.

Appealing looking storefront on Pike. Near Boylston.

We need to connect the dots! How in the world do we let a corporation run a ballot initiative? #OWS

Erin Carleton.

Pet peeve: People who block an intersection, turning when there is no room. Happens too much at Fifth and Spring.

Traffic on I-5 in Seattle. See from the Olive Street overpass.

John Harte McGraw's new park by BoA branch - better Seattle spot to #occupy than shopping center Westlake Park? #OWS

This new construction at 4th & Virginia is kitschy and will not wear well. Keep Bellevue architecture in Bellevue!

Gov. Gregoire and others watching Rat City Roller Girls descend Alaskan Way Viaduct ramp.

Nobody sees it happening, but Seattle's skyline is changing. (Apologies, Mark Strand.)

Tonight's GA. #occupywallstreet

March starting at 59th and 5th Ave. #occupywallstreet

Issues of the #occupiedwallstreet Journal going fast.

Going over hand signals at general assembly. #occupywallstreet

Attending my first General Assembly at Liberty Park. The human mike is awesome. #occupywallstreet #occupy

Small mercies! Couple w/ aisle & window take the middle seat assigned to me. Journey to #occupywallstreet begins.