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My new YinYang dragons, curled in their pocket watch case. Aren't they beautiful? From

  • 459 days ago via site
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My Dad got an iMac with a built-in camera. First Skype session. I can see his screen. Family user support Win!

  • 472 days ago via site
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What can happen when you've turned on "Zoom" capability and your + key gets "stuck", sending ++++ intermittently.

  • 495 days ago via site
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Dear ReCAPTCHA: there might be a key combination that would let me to enter this word, but I don't know what it is

  • 510 days ago via site
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Unusual shipping label. The large Ship To: address is our post office. (Our address was lower, in smaller type).

  • 511 days ago via site
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Windy day! Neighbor found a chimney cover/screen in his yard, thought it was ours. Google Street View says no.

  • 523 days ago via site
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A local "landmark" from the 60s, from Lyons restaurant to Melaka, then closed. As of today, it's a vacant lot.

  • 547 days ago via site
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The button means I don't want to talk. Available at Etsy:

  • 560 days ago via site
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Cat? Or melted pile of fluffy fur? You decide. (cc: , by request).

  • 562 days ago via site
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A sample Youtube automated caption. Seriously? (No, that's not what she's saying.)

  • 562 days ago via site
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When a whole cake is to much (Mini Boston Creme Pie).

  • 566 days ago via site
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My apple of contentment looks suspiciously like a Maine Coon Cat. irt :

  • 571 days ago via site
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Function over looks. Top of floor lamp is now clamped together with zip ties after the plastic bolt broke.

  • 580 days ago via site
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A lawn mover sounds like an interesting sort of tool... to move the front lawn around to the back to get more sun?

  • 581 days ago via site
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Oh spam mail, sometimes you are just so funny. "Finances would be gone away"; "Paychecks would be procrastinated".

  • 607 days ago via site
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Hubby expanded on my question: "Could we drive some nails into it?" and did a great patch job on the fence post.

  • 624 days ago via site
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Oh, well! If it was door to your attention it must be important! (Not)

  • 646 days ago via site
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Closeup of the PG&E work happening today. They've been here for at least 4 hours.

  • 653 days ago via site
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PG&E has been reconfiguring power lines near our house this morning. Two bucket trucks. Lots of hydraulic noises.

  • 653 days ago via site
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Happy happy happy red toadstools spring up after the rain.

  • 657 days ago via site
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