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Google Voice "greys out" the words it's not as sure of in the translation text it emails.

  • 1167 days ago via site
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I've never understood the "Misses" dept in Sears (etc) when it's spelled correctly but this is a new confusion.

  • 1179 days ago via site
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Skywriting! Done by 5 small planes in formation (or one plane dragging 5 "things' with smoke canisters?)

  • 1192 days ago via site
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Taken by a friend: a sign on a local ranch (Paso Robles, Sep 2013). He says: "I was actually using my GPS".

  • 1209 days ago via site
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I would file a bug report but I'm not quite sure how to do that...

  • 1221 days ago via site
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How many jacks does it take to change the tire on a stretch Hummer? (seen in SF today)

  • 1234 days ago via site
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I don't eat mushrooms, but that doesn't stop me from admiring them! At our local Lunardi's grocery.

  • 1235 days ago via site
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These are not sea anemone. They're upside-down jellyfish! (Medusa Invertida)

  • 1241 days ago via site
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Sea horses (one of many exhibits). These guys were fairly large and shared their tank with big prawns.

  • 1241 days ago via site
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Leafy seadragon. Seadragons are related to seahorses. Yes, that green leafy critteris alive, not CG, not a plant.

  • 1241 days ago via site
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Moon jellies at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. There are a LOT of moon jellies. These are medium sized. ()

  • 1241 days ago via site
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Another "Norman Door", this time without any confusing affordances. How does this door open? (apologies for flash)

  • 1241 days ago via site
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Loose the Kraken! (black spiced rum)

  • 1243 days ago via site
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You push on "Pluto's" or pull the bar on the other side to open the door, right? No? "Norman Doors" strike again.

  • 1244 days ago via site
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Mail thinks this message is junk mail. Mail did not have to think very hard, did it. #postcardflinger #SRSLY

  • 1252 days ago via site
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Virgil's Root Beer. It's a really tasty blend of "herbs & spices". Take a look.

  • 1253 days ago via site
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It's difficult to say no when the first ingredient is crystallized ginger. Also: butter, brown sugar. Yummy!

  • 1254 days ago via site
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I tend to ignore "Gluten Free" foods on principle, but ginger snaps are a personal favorite cookie.

  • 1254 days ago via site
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Unexpected. I had two rewards coupons. Each item I bought used both for payment. Why?

  • 1260 days ago via site
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Cheesy Poofs (today at Staples). ARe these 1 gallon size? Really?

  • 1261 days ago via site
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