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Dance Dance Dance the Night Away! (with Google's 2013/2014 New Year's Eve Doodle!.

  • 261 days ago via site
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My Christmas window decoration arrived today (just in time & I can use it through Jan 1)

  • 268 days ago via site
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Taking Plug 'n Play to the right level. Magically installing a new airport device; note how I never move my hands!

  • 278 days ago via site
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World's largest ceramic ... endive? At tonight's Chinese restaurant in SF.

Curbside composting comes to us. We've had "Green" (yardwaste) pickup for many years. Now adding foodwaste.

  • 281 days ago via site
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LInkedIn has added a new feature. Apparently, I'm "building influence" in certain groups.

  • 286 days ago via site
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Why do so many job postings begin with lengthy company rah rah? First, tell me about the JOB! Then the company.

  • 287 days ago via site
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Nope. Not clicking on the link in this email from "Online Banking Team".

  • 290 days ago via site
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iTunes needs to get over itself. Rating a dictionary app at "9+" for "Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor"

  • 299 days ago via site
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When setting up a phishing expedition, it may behoove you to avoid using an obviously false email address.

  • 300 days ago via site
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I like marshmallows. Toasted marshmallows are yummy. I also love the smell of cedar. But together? No thank you.

  • 301 days ago via site
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Bumper sticker seen today: My other car is a waffle. (NIke).
(I don't get it. Do you get it?)

  • 310 days ago via site
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I see... the famous Optical illusion with the vase and the two faces. What do you see? #RorshachDoodle

  • 314 days ago via site
  • 63 (the CA Health Insurance Exchange) redirects to Oops.

  • 315 days ago via site
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Google Voice "greys out" the words it's not as sure of in the translation text it emails.

  • 315 days ago via site
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I've never understood the "Misses" dept in Sears (etc) when it's spelled correctly but this is a new confusion.

  • 327 days ago via site
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Skywriting! Done by 5 small planes in formation (or one plane dragging 5 "things' with smoke canisters?)

  • 340 days ago via site
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Taken by a friend: a sign on a local ranch (Paso Robles, Sep 2013). He says: "I was actually using my GPS".

  • 357 days ago via site
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I would file a bug report but I'm not quite sure how to do that...

  • 369 days ago via site
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How many jacks does it take to change the tire on a stretch Hummer? (seen in SF today)

  • 382 days ago via site
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