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Huh. I always thought it was "the royal 'we'".

  • 172 days ago via site
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Gee, thanks, but... I was talking about big black birds in the corvid family...

  • 172 days ago via site
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Tonight's cookie fortune after dinner. Sounds about right to me...

  • 183 days ago via site
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Dear : I need to change my autopay CC. No easy way to do it via web & your contact form has a bug!

  • 183 days ago via site
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Rich ordered a thing. It came in a box, cushioned in yards of crinkly paper. Truffle appreciates the paper.

  • 187 days ago via site
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First day of conference. Spouse saw this t-shirt and thought 'Vicki would like this'. I do!

  • 191 days ago via site
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"Evidence of the programs and it's wishes with the mulch it'd be a good 40 on location..." #LostInTranslation

  • 194 days ago via site
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This made my day!

  • 194 days ago via site
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A connect-the-dots "dog" in the squiggles on the table top. 2/2 c.f.

  • 198 days ago via site
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Do you see it?
I found a connect-the-dots "dog" in the squiggles of the table top pattern at the diner today. 1/2

  • 198 days ago via site
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This is the branch where the ravens usually hang out but today we had a heron! I was so lucky to be at the window.

  • 200 days ago via site
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No... I don' think I'm going to do that. What makes you think you can ask me to?

  • 208 days ago via site
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Bug in Connect. App allows editing sleep, not nap, times. I forgot to reset Vivofit (no 9:21 nap for me).

  • 210 days ago via site
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One of the perils of purchasing used books. Even "Good" condition may have hidden flaws. #neverseenthisbefore

  • 215 days ago via site
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Wish us luck! We bought, separated, & set a bunch of CA Lavender. The Mexican Sage likes this location. #lavender

  • 216 days ago via site
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Chopping up one of these to add to the bubbling pot of fresh pear sauce I'm cooking.! The house smells wonderful.

  • 217 days ago via site
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Dear - We differ on the definition of "lower carbon footprint". No catalogs >> 13# once a year.

  • 218 days ago via site
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Lighter Footprint? Rec'd today from Restoration Hardware, 13+ pounds of unsolicited catalogs in heavy plastic.

  • 218 days ago via site
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I understand obfuscating addresses when shown to other people but... when editing my _own_ preferences?? Weird.

  • 220 days ago via site
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CAPTCHAs have gotten more difficult for humans to read over time but this is ridiculous!

  • 243 days ago via site
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