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CAPTCHAs have gotten more difficult for humans to read over time but this is ridiculous!

  • about 10 hours ago via site
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Today's Google Doodle. Pay close attention to the "l" in "Google". That would be me...

  • 43 days ago via site
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Dear , I am peeved. Please do not take over space on my page for banner ads in full color. Ugh!

  • 44 days ago via site
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I woke today thinking it was Friday, realized Saturday at 10:15. I had a meeting at 10. (I set up the meeting).

  • 45 days ago via site
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EVERY Tech Support form should have an option like this!

  • 49 days ago via site
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Dear Phisher: So close, and yet so very far away. I don't think I'll click on this one.

  • 52 days ago via site
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It was Kite Day at our neighborhood elementary school. Perfect weather. Neither too little wind, nor too much.

  • 54 days ago via site
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Close-up of the "watermelon for a picnic" cake. (I'm told it isn't chocolate-chip red velvet inside. Bummer!)

  • 55 days ago via site
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Delightful and yet creepy. A great cake for a picnic? At our local grocery store bakery.

  • 55 days ago via site
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Rich is looking for books on Rake (task management tool) for Ruby (programming language). This... is not related.

  • 56 days ago via site
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1) My sister is coming in from Texas this afternoon. I wonder if the flight is on schedule.
2) Google is amazing.

  • 59 days ago via site
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At the Apple Store today for new MacBook Air battery. 3x in/out, many people, only one commented on my t-shirt.

  • 69 days ago via site
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I was searching for a quote that I like, but Google's guess was priceless. Perhaps I shouldn't have upgraded yet?

  • 76 days ago via site
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Protein crystallography in today's Google Doodle for Dorothy Hodgkin, British biochemist.

  • 78 days ago via site
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Melted cat is melted. It's been a warm day.

  • 90 days ago via site
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Not my circus... we finally got around to getting this printed on a t-shirt! does good work.

  • 124 days ago via site
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In What Now? Chinese restaurant menu item: Black Bean Dry Fish in Washing Closet Green (Would I dare to order?)

  • 125 days ago via site
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Today's Google Doodle, in honor of Agnes Martin, minimalist painter, is very subtle (and very minimalist).

  • 130 days ago via site
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Seen today at Sbucks. This is a terrific t-shirt design! #engineering

  • 157 days ago via site
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Dear LinkedIn - I get what you're suggesting, but you have them all. Would you like me to invent a few? Love, me

  • 165 days ago via site
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