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Nguyen Quoc Quan describes meeting with imprisoned human rights defender Dieu Cay while in prison in Saigon, #Vietnam

It's heartbreaking to hear the conditions that Dr. Quan experienced while in prison. So happy for his return!

Nguyen Quoc Quan and his family reunited! Quan is quoting all the love poems he wrote for his wife whilst in prison.

Nguyen Quoc Quan is returned to his family!!

Ngo Mai Huong & her 2 sons await Nguyen Quoc Quan's return! Khoa (L) surprised his mum by roadtripping down fr UC Davis

we received this awesome picture from twins who are excited for Nguyen Quoc Quan's return #Vietnam

Left to right: Paulus Le Son, Nong Hung Anh, Ho Duc Hoa, Dang Ngoc Minh, Dang Xuan Dieu stand during trial

Image: police presence is constant and dense for 2nd day trial of 14 #humanrights defenders

#hiredthugs at work during: security forces hired for #shamtrial sharing money of 2 days of "hard work"#Vietnam

another cold & rainy day for #Vinhtrial; supporters supporting activists on trial are met with police barricades

CCTV Image of inside #Vinhtrial: #HRDs Nong Hung Anh, Paulus Le Son, Ho Duc Hoa. from: state media

scenes from #Vinhtrial: supporters wearing white hats to signify innocence of activists march early in the AM w/banners

scenes from a courthouse: police form human chain around intersections leading to trial of 14 #activists #Vietnam

More images from today's appeals trial in Vinh City

More images from today's appeals trial in Vinh City

More images from today's appeals trial in Vinh City

10:26am: Despite pouring rain, several members of the local church made their way to the courthouse in support

Protesters are being taken away by a police truck with the number 37A 2069

Around 10am: police taking away young protester #Vietnam

Even in the rain, supporters stand united #Vietnam

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