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Who's shoes? Can you guess whose fancy feet these are?

  • 2412 days ago via site
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So yesterday, we asked you to guess who was in our twisted pic. And the answer is Russ the Stage Fighting teacher!

  • 2419 days ago via site
  • 1,526

Twisted Tuesday! Who is this? Come back tomorrow to find out!

  • 2420 days ago via site
  • 1,744

LEAKED FROM THE SET OF "VICTORIOUS"! Someone's having an embarrassing day. Find out what happens TONIGHT @ 9PM!

  • 2424 days ago via site
  • 1,539

LEAKED FROM THE SET OF "VICTORIOUS"! Which girl from Hollywood Arts has hairy armpits? Find out Friday @ 9!

  • 2425 days ago via site
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LEAKED FROM THE SET OF "VICTORIOUS"! You thought Sinjin was weird BEFORE! Wait 'til you see what he collects...

  • 2426 days ago via site
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LEAKED FROM THE SET OF "VICTORIOUS"! What's Cat so obsessed with? Find out, watch "Robarazzi" - June 4 @ 9 PM on Nick!

  • 2427 days ago via site
  • 2,269

Drum roll please... The caption WINNER is... "Can you please call a doctor to remove this puppet from my pit?!"

  • 2439 days ago via site
  • 1,204

Andre and Rex are lookin' like studs in those tights! Send us UR captions and we'll post the FUNNIEST one tomorrow!

  • 2440 days ago via site
  • 1,072

What's the name of the girl who Mammaw introduced Robbie to in order to keep him away from Cat? Answer - tomorrow!

  • 2446 days ago via site
  • 1,197

And the Creative Caption WINNER is... "Tori, you are on speaker. Fish-face is also in the room."

  • 2446 days ago via site
  • 1,115

This is Cat's fish face! Write a caption for it and we'll pick the BEST one and post it tomorrow!

  • 2447 days ago via site
  • 1,352

Congrats! ! A shout-out from Trina Vega () just for YOU!

  • 2451 days ago via site
  • 1,355

Is this Cat's new boyfriend?!? DON'T miss a NEW VICTORIOUS tomorrow night @ 9! #iCarlyVictoriousSaturday ReTweet!

  • 2452 days ago via site
  • 1,215

You loved "Make It Shine" and "You're the Reason." This weekend, Tori's singing a duet with Beck! SATURDAY @ 9!

  • 2453 days ago via site
  • 1,168

Woah! That is one freaky face! Tomorrow, we'll show you Tori's transformation from girl to zombie. Stay tuned!

  • 2454 days ago via site
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Trina's one-woman show looks like it may be pretty painful! We hope she's OK! Find out Sunday in a NEW Victorious!

  • 2459 days ago via site
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Only 2 days until Beck gets dumped! Jade looks pretty lonely :( Make sure and catch "Jade Dumps Beck" Sunday @ 8pm!

  • 2459 days ago via site
  • 1,069

Sunday @ 8, Trina performs a one-woman show! Wanna know what it's called? "Trina Vega's One Woman Show!" :P

  • 2460 days ago via site
  • 935

Will Beck ever get over being DUMPED? Sure looks like it... only ONE way to find out for sure. VICTORIOUS Sunday!

  • 2461 days ago via site
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