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An hour-long electro/dubstep/house party. That's all this is. And I can't help but love it!

I fail to see how this fits into what "recommended for me", YouTube.

At least something good happened this week…my cousin had her baby today! Welcome to the world, Rosie!

Just scrobbled my 25,000th track on ! The winner was "Book Club" by ft. !

Started listening to Blackmill. Really cool, chill, electronic/dubstep. Love all the panning. Brits just get it!

Oh man, my middle school self is having a sing-along right now. I just need some Avril thrown in.

This "March for Marriage" page slogan BAFFLES me. "Protect Marriage - Protect Freedom"? Excuse me?!

There were a lot of things I didn't like about #UIW (hence the transfer), but Sister Martha Ann was awesome.

And #103 cracks me up too. The religion classes didn't make me an atheist, but definitely made me question Catholicism.

My progress on my synth composition? I've opened a new Logic file…man, I'm so unmotivated for this.

Can't make it to JT tomorrow night, but I rsvp'd anyway. Had to make a 'new myspace' account to rsvp, lol.

Really Facebook? Of all the gifts you recommend to buy people, you suggest this?

Eek. Picture of the 'T' in Lifetime Fitness dangling over 'cause of winds! (Courtesy of a FB friend)

Today, I said goodbye to my buddy Phil. It was a great year and half! He was a cutie the day he came home.

I've been working my way through all of Jenna Marbles' YouTube vids the past few days…. A wonderful way to pass time!

Whoa! My tweet is being RTed, quoted, & favorited…and my link has been clicked on 650 times! :O

Apparently FB thinks you speak gibberish…silly Facebook!

What is this awesomeness I just downloaded?! Didn't know it existed. Fun to hear this iconic music differently!

What is this awesomeness I just downloaded?! Didn't know this existed. Fun to hear this iconic music in differently!

BAM! Even after the prof for internship told me my grade would be hurt for not doing the full 110 hours. Lies!