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Give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world! I follow back if you are not a complete twat, or an egg. 17, looks like a 9 year old.

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About 13 seconds away from throwing this ridiculous thing out the window! And yes it is fucking BT!!

Fucking hello Britain x

It really shouldn't. But this makes me laugh every time I see it. Signed; BO.

Nicest thing ever created!


I'm so mature. Thomas the Tank Engine shaped pasta, in a buzzy bee bowl..

Why the hell has someone made a cushion of it?! Why?!

Potato lady..

Maggot racing in A level Biology. Standard

Yay! In a matter of days, I'll hopefully have hair like this!

What is this?!

Too excited about getting to wear this dress soon! Yay:)



This essay isn't getting written for 8:00 tomorrow morning. I have the motivation of a dead squirrel

What is this?

Omg I managed to shred a credit card! Why is my shredder so good?! My life is now complete!

Is it strange that I decided to put soup in a Starbucks mug?

What? You really don't know how to make chips and gravy. You need lessons!

You're not even 14!! What?! If this was my little sister I'd break her fucking legs!

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