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at the hospital with my dad. Doing better :)

best get well soon prezzie ever! My mum bought me a little froggie measuring tape ♥

caught my cat mid yawn and he looks like one of the evil gremlins!

I have a cheeky little visitor! Won't be able to smooch him or he'll catch my lurge!

I was trying to get a mouse perspective of Mr. T, pretty terrifying huh?!

this is what happens when I'm stuck indoors with nothing to do. I start irritating the cat.

my nef in my new specs. (Please excuse the gaudy towel & mirror in the background!) :z

just writing out my cute mamas day card. I got her some choccies & voucher for a spa treatment :)

moisturising cream isn't working anymore. Need a more intense one. What do you think twitter?

aww my mums bought me a little recipe book to keep all my fave receipes in. It's so cute :)

I could eat this curry every day! Yum :)

Uh oh! Someone's getting a ticket. They're like ninjas on mopeds. They appear out of nowhere!

sisters gigantic fake boobies are making me want to get mine done! She'll kill me for posting this!

there are so many beautiful pictures of Lizzie Taylor. She was truly stunning!

my nephew looks like the old Ben from Eastenders in my mums glasses :)

The Good Year air balloonie shippy thing is going over!

this is my nan's old perfume bottle. She died before I was born but it still smells of her perfume!

Ow did Knut the polar bear die! What a cutie he was :(

OMG I love Blake Lively's Louboutins. They're ballet pumps with a whooping heel! ♥

this is what it looks like if anyone would be so kind as to have a peek next time they're in Ikea.