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If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I would walk right up to heaven and bring you home again <3

I do love William Peterson (Gil Grissom) but he's aged so much in this picture!....I still would though!

my little tree decoration for my dad's memorial vase arrived today. Don't know whether it'll get ruined left outside though?! :s

it's goodnight from me & goodnight from him :)

my wonderful Daddy xxx

My new style icon - Kate Cameron (Kelli Garner) x

looking after a very poorly little nef with chicken pox. I've already had it so hopefully that means I'm immune.

Spoke too soon! Eeeeekkkk!! Thanks Mr. Postman. One very happy Transformers geek :)

Oscar looks so adorable and dopey when he's asleep. It's when he's awake & attacking my legs he's not so cute!

Look at my cats weird curley bum hair! I think he actually has pubes :s

have spent my morning redoing my daddys flowers xxx

I love my furry little shit :)

giving the hair colouring another whirl. Hopefully i'll look like the lady on the front afterwards :)

my cat is such a wally :D

cat not impressed by Cher Lloyds gurning performance.

found this pic of me & my sis at Pontins when we were nippers and yes that is the real Roland Rat! :D

my nephew loves his new bicycle helmet so much he won't take it off. My sister finally got him out of it at bedtime:)

baby lucs down by the Thames. T'was a bit nippy even with the sun out!


What a cutie x