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I'm just using your gig going as an excuse to post this pic I took at EOTR, 'cos I like it...

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Some stuff going on in the sky earlier. Possibly Cirrocumulus stratiformis with a mock sun or sun dog. Apparently.

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Meudon Hotel on The Hotel Inspector just now. Had coffee there last year & spent ages just looking at the sea...

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Hello birders, is this some sort of woodpecker do you know?

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Support for Neil Finn last night from Tiny Ruins. Dead good guitar & voice stuff - worth getting there early for.

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Neil Finn at RFH last night with naughty audience members down the front who would not go back to their seats.

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Neil Finn and fantastical backdrop at RFH last night. Like a feather boa hedge maze on acid.

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In the garden: cherry blossom

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In the garden: dicentra

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In the garden: gnarly ivy

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London skyline from the National Portrait Gallery (Marathon day)

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Didn't manage to get any decent pics of the artists, so here's an atmospheric window #elizabethansession

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The leafless tree looked like a brain...

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Talk of Jenny Lewis earlier put me in mind of a photo I took at Bowlie 2, which I liked so I'm sticking it here...

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Bill Callahan & 2/3 of amazing band. No Country For Old Men style Javier Bardem on bass, apparently.

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Here's a fluffy porcupine with a hat on at a jaunty angle.

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2013 in Gig Posters, No.10
14/11/13, John Smith, 41/80
Lovely John, waist deep in his great lake of love...

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2013 in Gig Posters, No.9
23/10/13, Midlake, ?/?
A bit school art project but who cares.
I ruddy love Midlake...

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2013 in Gig Posters, No.8
11/10/13, Bright Phoebus Revisited, not ltd edition (boo)
It's a big ol' sun with a face

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