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I'm on a beautiful beach, had a swim yeah... but all I can think of is to play with Ocean Sim! #b3d

In Buenos Aires, about to fly to México! Vía Bogotâ, Colombia, time for #b3d training :D

Have an awesome day everybody! Whatever your beliefs are :D
Cheers from this fella in summer Patagonia.. :)

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My own Blender Brasil mug! :D thank you brazilian community, you're awesome! #b3d

one of the models, there were some aluminium and steel ones like earrings even!

[es] Preparando todo para empezar Blendiberia 2011 en Móstoles! (Madrid) #b3d #blendiberia

About to start the screening of the Suzanne awards!

Many highlights on Ton's keynote this morning, but Mango dependency graph is <3 *drools #b3d #bcon11

Folding the coolest Blender Conference + Blender tees with Andy, Bassam and Ian! #b3d #bcon11

On a 38h bus back home (no flights due to v. ashes) CheBlender was great! thanks to Martin Eschoyez!

Nodes Re-Routing patch from jbakker
Probably not best example but you see the potential :) #b3d

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Just back from Catania, Sicilia. Italia!

Great week over there, truly inspiring to see a group of people making their second animated short movie with such enthusiasm, and being able to help out and give advice is priceless for me.

Their project is shaping up nicely, I came down there to Catania for consultancy work, the first thing was to organize properly their folder structure, was a lot of work (well Blender makes it easy if you know the right buttons :)

Had a good time, lotsa laughs, loootsa good food, learned a lot from their beautiful island and its huge history, and learned a bit of both Italian and Sicilian/Catanese language :)

Top-left: recording fire! for later use it as video texture, turned out pretty good, infatti: ameeeeizing!
Middle-left: Simone, Danilo and I, putting back rocks from the Mount Etna.
Right: flags of Sicilia, Italia, European Union.
Bottom: Today at the Fontanarossa Airport in Catania: the crew! Simone Iannuzzi took the photo so did some hardcore gimp-ing to add him in.

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#b3d Trivia: This is a bump map from #Sintel, have you spotted it yet? :) #trivia

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Korno! fixed up stuff to work in 2.5, still messy but might be fun for some to play with it, blogpost soon! #b3d

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What's this?
hint: is not a fly, and is Patagonian* #b3d

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Sisters may stay together :) left: 2008's #Dell, right: 2011's #Asus, and Blender stickers ready to be used!

Specs are:
Intel Core 2 Duo (2 cores/threads) 1.5 GHz
nVidia GeForce M8800 GS
HDD 160 GB (I suffered this! :(

Intel i7 2630QM, 2.0 GHz (4 cores, 8 threads! :D )
nVidia GeForce GTX 460M
HDD 2 x 500GB, 1TB total, should I RAID 1 for backups?

Thats it!, it came with a Razor gaming mouse, but is far from being a replacement to my 5 years old lovely Logitech MX518 <3 !

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My "characters panel" to tweak its settings, not necessary at all but had lotsa fun learning mysql with it :D

Made it to ease the process of adding new characters to my site.

Just type a name (lower case, because it will be styled and added the "!" at the end, afterwards via php :) , year, downloadable or not, description and thats it, it will create a folder under /portfolio with the character's name and images, if it has a personal page, then add a link to it, if not it will just show the big image, it also has an ID number to ease sorting.

If its downloadable it will add a nice button with its name and link to the zip file named after the char's name.

Yea yea i know.. too much hassle for such a simple site, but it was fun, I like to do scripting for fun stuff, PHP/MySQL basics like this are easy to understand.
I've never done it for actual work, but I guess its not that fun anymore.. :P

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preparing "Firulo!" .blend file for 2.5x, first chapter from old Venom's Lab!, I'll be releasing them all :D

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Guess what just arrived to the Blender Institute?
"Blenderella" and "Blend & Paint" Training DVDs :D #b3d

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Baldymort update! Broken its symmetry, sculpted a lil bit, and vertex painted for fun, no textures yet #b3d
I can't believe how stable (and *trustable*!) is right now to sculpt, vertex-paint, even on meshes deformed by armatures.

A biig warm hug to all Blender developers making this possible, it never felt such like a breeze to use it <3

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