Just me rambling about my life on and offline. (◡‿◡✿) sometimes I bREAK INTO CAPSLOCK IN MID-SENTENCE (⊙‿⊙✿)

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  • 1569 days ago via site
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An adapter for an adapter for an adapter. ADAPTERCEPTION.

  • 1640 days ago via site
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Loot for today! I didn't get much, but money well spent!

  • 1651 days ago via site
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Ohh yes, I can definitely "say apple" now. Guess who just got a new 27-inch!!

  • 1655 days ago via site
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Also I got these keychains. I am the dorkiest dork to ever live in Dorkville.

  • 1664 days ago via site
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I have a tiny Archimedes on my calculator to keep me company now. #whatamidoingwithmylife

  • 1801 days ago via site
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I thought things like this only existed on the internet, so I was quite surprised to see this in Bangsar just now.

  • 1916 days ago via site
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Rejected composition sketch. This was before I ruined it further with my painting, hurrrr

  • 1944 days ago via site
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My mom telling me on skype that she just installed wi-fi at the condo.. and then it got lame.

  • 1971 days ago via site
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lol well.. costume's done. But I haven't got the guts to parade around in this outfit this saturday without Remiliaaaaaa ;__;

  • 2020 days ago via site
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Snowbell's sitting on my chair in the dining room :|

  • 2035 days ago via site
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HOORAY FOR HASTILY DRAWN FANART. I assume Malaysia's a girl so I drew 'em in a baju kurung.

  • 2051 days ago via site
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There's a pond at the back, but my grandma decided to put the baby guppies in a glass vase.. not exactly the best place to put fish in lol

  • 2066 days ago via site
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the current state of my laptop-less table. Oh, and those flowers.

  • 2067 days ago via site
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Ate this for dinner just now. Just look at the freakin' thing. It's like if I were in Soviet Russia, FISH EAT ME!

  • 2106 days ago via site
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watching tv with my stepdad in New Zealand! Ah, the wonders of Skype.

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