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ॐ husband, father, and Nondualist. I live in Hollow Earth. Shambhala citizen. Unpublished author. Unknown philosopher. ENFJ. Om Namah Shivaya.

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This picture was in an email, and while I don't know her story, I cried and then prayed for her, for all of us.

Beautiful. #wheatgrass

I love my Om beanie. If you do too, ask to sell you one. :)


take this, sucka! :)

There is NO part of this picture which is not you.

Here ya go, enjoy.


This is you. Shiva. Parvati. Kailash. The cobra, the trees, the waterfall, the river, the whole. You.

This is a picture of you.

Ever wonder why they are digging massive tunnels across America?

Happy Lupercalia. What, you didn't know that is what Valentines is really? It is.

I find that the ancient Celtic peoples are closely aligned with ancient Hindu peoples.


I feel as though I have done this is the past, and will do so again.

One poll from the European Union about gun control in the US…

yes :) counting vibrations is funny.

Ever wondered why Time Warner would use the Eye or Ra as the logo?

Bill Hicks was a genius.