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The first series in here by Nick Cave is called "Mating Season," made of human hair and mannequins.

This is my first time experiencing The Rothko Room . Only 8 visitors permitted at a time.

"Where Law Ends Tyranny Begins." - U.S. Department of Justice

This low-tech egg triptych by Nam June Paik is my favorite.

This video by Nira Pereg is awesome. Flamingos ducking down to the sound of gunshots.

Marc Jacobs dress you are mine.

Dark and Stormy outside. Flaming gelato birthday inside! cc:

Our backyard in Carroll Gardens Bk looks totally devastated, but only because we turned down the lawn chairs last night.

Brunch today will consist of every cured meat I bought on Friday.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is the first bitch to choke. #Scream2

Hurricane, Schmurricane it's #Caturday!

My favorite image from Maurizio Cattelan's zine "Toilet Paper," January 2011 issue:

Finally, I am inside James Turrell's 1996 "Meeting" and it's heaven.

I don't ever wanna feel like I did that day. Take me to the place I love. Take me all the way. #SummerSchool

SneakyPic of Gus Van Sant & James Franco #SummerSchool for :

Best invention: this Hello Kitty computer speaker butt plug [not what you think]

The bar at Spa Castle is no joke. #Xanadu

Marcel Duchamp and I have the same tattoo. #LHOOQ

This handbag installation at Bergdorf is art. Unintentionally turning into a fashion crawl.

Daft Punk is playing at my house.