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The IceCube Neutrino Observatory is an array of optical sensors located in Antarctic ice. It detects the presence of subatomic particles called neutrinos.

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Designing tattoos for the upcoming #WiSciFest and other edu events...what's yr fav?

  • 730 days ago via site
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4 doctoral research postions open at RWTH Aachen Uni. Opps to work with CMS , IceCube, AMS, Pierre Auger Obs

  • 730 days ago via site
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Pic qual not the best but here's a teaser for our #WiSciFest IceCube model. What do you think ??

  • 731 days ago via site
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Gamma Ray Postdoc position open at DESY with the new HESS group!

  • 765 days ago via site
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We've been off twitter, busy organizing an inauguration party for the ARA anechoic chamber.

  • 783 days ago via site
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Photo by Sven Lidstrom.

  • 790 days ago via site
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One of his bros made it to the S.Pole, seen here with Carlos Pobes & Norway PM

  • 791 days ago via site
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a few #Higgs were seen enjoying the auroras last weekend in front of the South Pole Station...

  • 793 days ago via site
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AR1520 splashes over the South Pole in a stunning array of greens and purples. Photo by Sven Lidstrom.

  • 794 days ago via site
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We've already gotten a lot of great #aurora photos, can't wait to see what comes in from the Pole off of AR1520! Photo by Sven Lidstrom.

  • 797 days ago via site
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we're spending the day getting our cloud chamber together...looking forward to tomorrow!

  • 854 days ago via site
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Srsly, look at how many people showed up to see Madison loves them some big brains

  • 861 days ago via site
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A nice day and a big crowd at the Memorial Terrace to see #astrophysicist

  • 861 days ago via site
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a Cuber is doing Founder's Day events in the northwoods! A view from his hotel in Ashland

  • 875 days ago via site
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The cold couldn't keep pollies indoors today, some of the first auroras of the season were visible #UWRightNow

  • 883 days ago via site
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Burr, it is a cold one at the South Pole Station today -77ºF #UWRightNow

  • 883 days ago via site
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How you build a telescope under the ice

  • 1371 days ago via site
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Keeping science cool at Science Expeditions

  • 1623 days ago via site
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The icecube arriveth

  • 1623 days ago via site
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The IceCube Lab during an aurora australis aka the southern polar lights. Photo by Sven Lidstrom

  • 1625 days ago via site
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