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Father, chef, bass player. Founding Partner @33sticks - an analytics boutique, advising Fortune 500 companies and partnering with unique, early-stage startups.

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here are the settings I have for 'pinned' tabs:


oh wait....i do know this guy. Man, I'm so freaking jealous right now.

Bret Hart video on the front page of Linkedin.

maybe this visual will help:

ha! turned all my contacts into cats. cc:

Playing with R's heatmap function to visualize #UtahJazz current season player statistics. #measure

Zappos is following me around with targeted ads, if only it had a coupon, I'd buy right now.

have an expert on your team? want to make sure they are motivated? give them: autonomy, mastery & purpose

sky blue sky

checking out the weather this morning,the boy says, "I bet your friend would be freaking out."

Ahhh... just ordered a box of tacos.

Peppers & sausage.

Homemade cider in the works

Slow smoked pork tenderloin with warm new potato salad.