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It takes a certain kind of person to be this wrong, so often and about everything. •__•

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I need someone to explain the dynamics of Tuesday & Wednesday in this picture. Really.

A few books from my iBooks library:

how on earth can't you get it? Look at that face!

Walking the casino floor like I'm really about to blow big money while looking my wallet in disbelief:

Downtown shopping and saw this awesomeness:

Did #Banksy do this? Can anyone confirm?

Went to check on my apartment today. Still fire damaged (its been 2 months!) but now apparently its a crime scene:

This helicopter is hovering so close to my house I'm fairly certain its going to land on top of me

6am in Los Angeles:

Well, apparently as with real life, Beyonce will always come before God..especially on Twitter:

My little Nina

My front door:

My apartment building looks like a post-apocalyptic wasteland:

When I picked up my dog today this was on the roof at the restaurant adjacent to the clinic:

Finally brought Nina home! She's extraordinarily quiet though. I hope if I have kids they act like this :)

And this...

So I was so irritated I left the club and told my friends I'd come back to get them... This is what I see...

So my early birthday present is almost done...wondering if anyone can guess what it might be...

♥ my city and this is why!