Crawlin' Ghoulish


Humanist. Right-handed lefty. IBEW member. Brewer. Builder. Foodie. Pub pianist at the festival hall.

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Dal night

I bet wouldn't have drawn such a godawful set of plans

This is what my day looks like. Hand drawn (required) about a hundred times.

Riding the drunk bus
Teenagers sick and confused
Should have bailed at twelve. #haikusofpain

!!!!!!! THEY OPEN TOMORROW !!!!!!!! I walked in and got a menu.


then there's this

a sample:

check this out, she's having a conversation with herself:

Twee moustache finger pics

BlackBoard I hate thee with the fiery heat of a thousand infernal suns. I boil the blood of your slithering dev team.

Cooking selfie.

You're an idiot. Idiot.

How I feel about Algonquin College, in one perfect picture.

Genius playlist wins

maximum egret