Crawlin' Ghoulish


Humanist. Right-handed lefty. IBEW member. Brewer. Builder. Foodie. Pub pianist at the festival hall.

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Holy shit when I hit my 30s I became Seth Rogen

"I have been, and always shall be, your friend." -Beer

bear claws mrrrraaaawwwwrrggh

Moules prêt à manger


is now verified.

I have awesome neighbours.

Thanks to irony, I can no longer discern between art and incompetence.

Hey nerds: you jelly?

what's this?

12th story

Hrm… needs more dog.

in stained glass:

Uncomfortable feeling

Farkwing Fuck?

let me help you with that

you won't be able to keep the ladies off of you… no matter how fast you run.

Does anyone need some California raisins?