Heather Willis


Lead designer at Mule Design Studio, marine mammal rescuer/caretaker at the Marine Mammal Center, surfer, knitter, runner.

Photos and Videos by @urbancrunchy

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Shoulder massage while tasting in a wine cave. #storeystyle

5 stars Saturday??? I don't think I've ever seen that at LM.

The progression of today's sunset has been pretty unbelievable.

Heavy pour for a port here at Louis Martini. Porty port port. Mmmmm :d

Like it's my job.

Mule Nog begins!

Also, my husband is the shit. (Thx, my )

united we stand.

I'll see your that and raise you this. cc:

With the addition of my new, luxurious 5/4, the neoprene to dress ratio in my closet is about 50/50. :D

Hmmmm...I can't be sure, but I think it might. ;)

Watching the America's Cup from the Bay. Also, heading straight for Alcatraz at the moment. Yipes.

Seeing how large the openings on the cage are make it glaringly apparent how large these sharks will be. Zoinks!

Somebody liked scratching her face on 's bike. A lot.

Dreamin' about mousin'.

There's a storm rolling in that looks so burly I'm afraid Zuul might be coming.

The cheese party has begun.

That kebab has been pomegranated!

Enjoying one last gorgeous weekend on our amazing deck. As much as I want to just move already, I'm sad to lose this.

The kindness of neighbors combats the pure evil that is our landlord. 2 bouquets in 1 week, both from their own garden.