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I'm a solo cellist-singer-producer with lots of free music (click that link). I've also played with Abney Park, Voltaire, Rasputina, @Stripmall, @VernianProcess

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Art left on barf bag by previous passenger, for the next

Here is the full length of me new dress.

My lovely "new" vintage gown. All dressed up to play at a punk sports bar in Concord.

Painless Parker busking in halls of Wicked Faire. "Fuck Yeah the Working Class"

Airplane reading: Feminine Endings by Susan McClary. Feminist critical musicology. I first read it in college. Love it!

Some lucky bastard who pledged for the memorabilia package will get my original notes on Lament For Peter Pan (1998).

Chaos star pin from 1885(!) From my new favorite antique store, Cottage Jewel in Danville. Yay time travel!

Who run Bartertown? (Framing)

Oh, this was the adorable barn owl photo to go with my "morphing into Jareth" tweet last night.

Me, dressed as Desire, after playing a song by Alan Moore (don't make me decide btwn Gaiman and Moore!) #fanageddon

Santa brought me political nonfiction. Yay!

Here's 's new hairdo. sides trimmed, two auburn stripes.

Yes, I am now a girl who looks like Skrillex (don't worry I will still look pretty sometimes)

Bulky or Feminine products.

We are marching to the port. #d12 #oo

It is like the dome in Total Recall in here. (Marriott Marquis on 4th and Market.)

The sign above frontier airlines customer service aptly reads "service misconnect"

Silas the young adorable protester whose back reads "occupy the future"

My soft furry black muff (SFW) is an accessory and conversation starter. ("Would you like to stroke my muff?")

Me as mermaid with as

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