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I love that I have this on while making dinner. #CruelIntentions

I love that I've owned this for years (UK imported blu ray) and the US just now gets it. #AllTheBoysLoveMandyLane

I'm glad I can see the TV from the kitchen table. I really should invest in TV trays though. #priorities #classact

The chair has arrived. Now the couch won't feel so lonely.

Here's a description. Not sure what kind of books you read but it's a definite must read. #GoneGirl

Great addition to the collection. #OUAT

Looking forward to reading this!! #ShadowOfTheQueen #OUAT

Resurrecting 's #CelebrityTypos. To/'s a constant battle.

What is this? Update: tasted like cinnamon toast crunch.

30 seconds later...they aren't pink anymore.

The clouds are a nice lovely shade of pink tonight. #randomtweet

I think I'll leave my walking dead tank light on all night. #itsfine

YES, I would like to continue where I left off. THANK YOU. #TWD

This is the absolute limit. Love it. #TWD

Maybe I can reach the switch from the couch. #TeamLazy

Even at the gym I won't miss the #pllmarathon.

PLL while working out. Haha.

Real good! He signed this for me.

Did you see who I met earlier this month?