Thinks Mr Sam Rockwell deserved a little golden man for 'MOON'

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This one might not be pretty, but it has a lovely personality and full of character

Oh! Tina!

Oh! Tina!

That's disgusting, I don't want to read anymore. Poor little Pob :(

Two young fans meet Billy Joe Armstrong, David Cameron & Peter Cushing (no idea what happened to BJA's legs)

Perhaps David Bowie's greatest achievement, the invention of the 'Hand Wig'

You take yer kilt chair with ye?

Blonde would suit you, H :)

#aiwwLiveStream Amazing, being a Man Utd fan managed to get a special appearance from Ryan Giggs

#aiwwLiveStream as Ai Weiwei accompanied by guards going for a pee

Only just noticed, Joss Whedon is the missing Mitchell brother #Eastenders

See me, I'm a bit worried yer too busy, runnin aboot in yer kilt all day. Sit doon, have a wee rest

Are they in it?

That Jennifer Connolly likes standing on the end of a pier #DarkCity #requiemforadream

This big head in #DarkCity (1998) looks familiar.

That's him on the right, always reminded me of Robert Morley #RIPMrRascal

Watched it not long ago. Many know the red pants, but this cannot be unseen

Ltd edition now for Easter with advertising jingle from "Buy your own, chocolate, Jesus"

Choccy Jesus

I don't care if you didn't miss it earlier, I'm posting it again cus I want to see it made 'My Neighbour Turturro'