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Creative, Dev, Consultant, Speaker. Works @ Unity Technologies on Unity3D. Dutch living in Denmark.

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I can't be the only one who thought this, after seeing Kim Jong Un behind computer ? "Greetings, professor Falken".

Yeah, after that you can level up to

Sunday morning, fresh snow, snowman fun…except for the snowman…I'm pretty sure his line is "kill me plz".


I really didn't know it could do that. ;-)


Annnnndd I'm gone……

I got one of those recently and replied (see pic). They unsubscribed me.

Hmm, looks like my vintage Sony Amplifier is slowly giving up; after warm up the left channel slowly fades.

Toying around with Unity Flash, profiling occlusion culling, I just had to screenshot this.

I'ma see your eiffel tower, and raise you a mono lisa ;-)

Wearing the ShadowGun T-Shirt I got at #gdc today, when I passed a mirror it all became clear; well played

This piece of sheet music should be recognizable and playable.

Son crawls a lot now. He loves daddies office and the bookshelves; finding him like this was funny though...

that looks completely broken ? Seams, non updating tiles. Am I seeing that wrong ?

Tell me I'm not the only one who saw Rome-tao opening shot and thought of AgendaCirclingForth ?

So, guess what ill be doing tonight. - http://bit.ly/i0aBo0

Friday Night failed experiment;Tried to visualize some code from a swf using graphs...failed...looks pretty though ;-)

Sigh...yes Apple, you promised me my 24'' LED Cinema would stop flickering on my 27'' iMac 3 times now. This is it ?

Disturbing shot of me by "behind the scenes" in the spare time of a video shoot. MyLittlePony™ FTW.