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Charlotte, North Carolina. #uncmatc student intrigued by civic news and media ecology. Journalist. Also at @akrewson.

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That time when Art Pope benefited from $200k in N.C. funds to create Rocky Mount cashier jobs:



Today’s name-them-shame-them: politicizing public health should be a crime. Also stupid stock photography.

Humor attempt while throwing red meat, also done in talk with ex-US secretary of education awhile back.

Original source: : We need fewer lawyers, fewer journalists, more truck drivers

But more truck drivers. RT : Gov. McCrory: N.C. needs fewer journalists

i.e., “I have real estate involved.”

Charlotte bought in 2012, $357k, single-source contract. MT : IMSI catchers and FCC.

….mountain part of that route in Va., through George Washington Forest:

MT : Opposition forms to pipeline that would connect Eastern NC to WV shale gas.

The elder Britt’s quote? Yeah, but whine-and-cheese might be worse in some N.C. places.

RT : New poll results in every Senate race, from YouGov/CBS/NYT:

Weymouth out via :

For the deepest, oddest rabbit hole in the blogosphere (yes it still exists):

It’s not just gaming. But there’s progress. One down, likely to pop up with a different username.

… Tillis lumps ALEC agenda under “regulatory reform.” Anyone watching #ncga knows danger of those words. Last graf:

IANAL but looks like that’s not just self-affirmation but also consensus on Section 2. Brennan Center:

…but then there are some from original sites like:

Ew. Dunno. Which story? I’d love to see screenshot, might be from original site. I’ve seen: