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★☆☆☆☆ LA Kings STH 331. Pearl Jam fan. I write code for a living. Android / *nix

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Makes sense #LAKings

Nice try, Wikipedia #HappyPants

ear stuff

Fixed position banners? Somebody pay Wikipedia or else they will resort to pop-under windows or Flash ads with sound

I thought you were talking about this Game Center :(

Safari's "Reader" is a lifesaver. No annoying ads to deal with. Also looks like a Word document from a distance, lol.

Those rubber bracelets make perfect lens filter wrenches #SavedFiveBucks

Greene getting some facetime! #FacetimeBebeh

Jimmy Wales enlisted his friends

Twighlight nerds Occupy LA Live.

My i7 Mini came in 2 days earlier than estimated #playtime

Vagina clouds #yesiam12yearsold

Tasty Japanese banana snack. Warning: contains Engrish

cool mom

Windows installers still have junk like this?

candy noms

Big Unit 22-inch hot dog at Alice Cooperstown #noms

74 at my loc

Is the buddies bracelet supposed to look like this?

Dallas non-fans