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★☆☆☆☆ LA Kings STH 331. Pearl Jam fan. I write code for a living. Android / *nix

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I'm sure will appreciate the FSWest videoplayer giving her a gnarly fu manchu mustache! #IceCrew #beauties

Found this snippet in another teams' PHP test script #WellTheresYourProblem

How the hell did I miss this DEFCON talk? #ArtOfTrolling

Top Gear bird-watching

Top Gear bird-watching

Death, taxes, and the Toronto war room denying a Ryan Smyth goal. #MustHaveThoughtHeWasStillAKing

I just google'd myself (been a while) and found this

Woah 's twin spotted behind Jezza on Top Gear UK #IsSheSingle

My meandering lunch walk today (settled on a Robek's smoothie) #CouldHavePickedAShorterRoute

101 all clear after the 405. Just saw your Tweet posted an hour ago, lol #LateHero

Trying out Bitcasa beta with some trivial files for now. Look at all that free space!

えっ???From a work email regarding the company suite at Staples Center... #Clippers #NeverThoughtIWouldSeeThis


Working on an older Snow Leopard box. Finder's colored icons were soooo much better than Lion's monochromatic crap.

I believe just started the World's 1st Twitter Circle Jerk! #MyTurn


so much pwn

Nice choice, kid #Simmonds

Avery is a given, Steve Ott is next “: This week's question: Who is the NHL's most hated player?”