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★☆☆☆☆ LA Kings STH 331. Pearl Jam fan. I write code for a living. Android / *nix

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Maybe it means this? #ShakeWeight

Best last name #Olympics

Why did Apple ditch the RSS reader feature in Safari 6? Viewed sites in RSS whenever I could. No ads and looks cleaner.

The worst part about returning from vacation

View from the new seat

OS X Mountain Lion looks like Ein

OS X Mountain Lion looks like Ein

Even Louis CK's password reset emails crack me up #iAmStupid

Reading a reddit thread about deep things kids say. This 4 year old blew my freakin mind #HopeForTheFuture

The earliest screenshot I could find of my Linux desktop, circa Feb 1999. RedHat 5 distro, KDE 1.0 #hahaDialup

Your mix is like a combination of coke and steroids for when I'm coding. Got a lot of shit done, lol. #wired

I hope the Kings make the Finals again so I can pay for 40% of my Season Ticket invoice by selling a ticket to 1 game.

Nice hair, Microsoft dude. #WindowsPhoneSummit #40isTheNew16

Never got to watch game #2 because it was in Berlin. Normally don't watch losing games but I know how this story ends:)

Ducks fans, here's our Cup. #TROLOLOL2012


What bread and cheese do you use? And toasted? This needs to be done right.

We meet again, Android. Playing with ICS 4.0.4. Testing a weird browser bug here that doesn't happen in Chrome.

Yo Devils, that light at the end of the tunnel is just a freight train coming your way #GOKINGS #AYAAYEAAAHHH #Hetfield

The LA Kings bandwagon is ready to go