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I'm a third culture kid who left grad school at Notre Dame to use the internet to help the poor. Don't call me crazy, call me 'uncultured'.

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Yesterday, while bicycling, my Samsung Galaxy Camera fell from the top of this bridge down to a pile of trash below.

I have no right to be having this much fun doing this.

Reason #986758 why I talk about "overhead" & 'trackable donations" -

Can't tell you how much this comment means to me -

Don't claim what I'm doing is perfect, but this is definitely one of the random perks -

Clearly Bangladeshi children did not get the memo that they are supposed to be crying with flies all over their faces -

Okay, NOW I'm convinced has something against me -

"Why does everyone have a Twitter? And why is it called a tweet?" - 's son

But... but... what other countries are there for this video to be seen in? :(

In an exclusive roundtable discussion and access with 's CEO. Sitting next to a guy from .

I'm at the photo background but I don't see you. Are you in this room?

Currently listening to talk at the blogging conference in the UK. ()

Here's your latest two videos showed up on my sub box today -

Has anyone had any experience with Chinese domain names? Got this email, not sure if I should reply. Spam? Scam?

Taken by me: a mother & her child after a trained health volunteer treated the baby's pneumonia

Reason #756385 why I raise money for overhead separately: it directly bypasses commonplace criticisms like this -

That first screenshot doesn't really look like , so here is another

A screenshot of on CBC for those not in Canadia

Apparently Macs are important enough computer technology that they got a mention in the Trek Encyclopedia -

Where's the vote button?