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My Mac can record when you fall in a bottomless pit in Super Mario.

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There's this whole green bar over on the right, and they scaled down the image, why do you insist on standing in front of the picture?

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And in case someone doesn't believe the French fries thing, here's a pic.

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Forwarding page around the same time ... was I moving off Mac.com at that time, or was that before?

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Fairly OK considering it's from 2001... I was on mac.com at that time.

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Late '97. Gosh, I remembered this as looking much cooler and less busy :-S

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OMG: This was my web site in 1997

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Oh my. Just found a backup of one of my old web sites. This must be from around 2000 or so. Still before zathras.de.

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I'd file a bug against Xcode's RSS feed issue, but apparently bug reporter has its "Windows error message day":

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Dear Apple, why not test Safari 4 with your own sites before you ship? KTHXBYE rdar://problem/6961736

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Someone is trying to do some babelphishing ...

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That reminds me of a drawing I once did.

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Most egregious offense of photoshopping I've seen in a while. And in a TV commercial to boot.

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Comment spammer in my moderation queue explaining himself to me? That's new.

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When drew his dotted line from US to UK on the whiteboard today, I had to think of this.

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I think my sister's been watching too much BSG. This is what she just sent me...

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