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My Mac can record when you fall in a bottomless pit in Super Mario.

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Die Uhr ist spitze, noch besser als die Schriftdeutsche Version! :-D

Ja, was für ein Abend soll's denn sonst sein, in München ???


Larger shot of filming for context:

Some sort of filming at Königsplatz Munich. Considering the traffic, they'll have to loop the scene.

The cutest waterfall I've ever seen. I've been missing ya...

Everyone who wasn't in Heidelberg tonight: This is but one of the things you've missed:

you mean like these?

Geeks im Biergarten...

I really gotta get back into the habit of doing graphics on the computer... Insanely proud of these few sprites...

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"Datenwiederherstellung"? i.e. "Data recovery"? Was the Golf score page you linked to machine translated into German?

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Here's a good example of what worked up to System 7, but doesn't work anymore these days.

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Like WWDC 2010, this is a day where I just have to #lickahoctor!

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Und woher, lieber Flash, soll *ICH* das jetzt wissen? Solltest DU das nicht wissen?

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I've finally figured out how a beginner "broke" Safari with one slightly awkward click.

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The beginnings of my Git Cheat Sheet. Any suggestions what else has to be on there?

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Realizing it may not be such a good idea after all to use your app's name as the file extension for its documents…

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Et Tu, Dock?

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Is it OK to practice your iPad pose with a MacBook?

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Juhuuu! Das Musterbeispiel für praktisch angewandte Maschinenübersetzung ist wieder im App-Store! wird sich freuen!

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