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It works!
Will add components to allow off board programming (pin 9 to 2 to power from cc-debugger) :)

This is my tribute to your excellent work :)


where does Sparrow get the user thumbnails from?

dear , is there a way you can insert another column header to sort by #dropbox sync state?
see picture

Tomorrow I'm teaching #from0toC issue 0 (pilot) at .
Excited for this new adventure.

in medio stat virtus
even with the rain?

guess who started the week reporting two twitter spams…
I'd love to use the word iPad without getting this crap. #fb

In line

, really?
only FireFox?
you might wanna switch production agency for your web stuff. #fb

I must have 20 #Arduino in my lab, but every time I order some for a project I open the box in awe.

how can you not love Vodafone's 3G network in NL?

OS X Lion makes it harder to write "yeeeeeeaaaaahhhh" but easier to use special characters. hold a key and… #fb

although today it's my bday, I'm willing to wait for the late surprise. Enjoy your weekend, I'll enjoy this...

dear , you're one of my favorite blogs, but you really ought to do something for your use of "its" vs "it's".

, Lights is just amazing, and I love that sometimes it glitches on my MBA11 (#fb)

hey rui, found a CSS bug in your pages. had it in a past re-design. people gave me lots of s**t for it
.entry overflow

mh… I think I have the first requirement.
just pulled these together yesterday

there actually is one, linked FROM the homepage, but it's hidden in a blue box with news

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