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Let me introduce to you, the newest member of the MUS nail polish clan: JERRY!!!

  • 1162 days ago via site
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Did y'all know you can play Snake (YES, SNAKE ORIGINAL) on YouTube??? How awesome? :)

  • 1214 days ago via site
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me and my snoopy pj's are going to bed. goodnight :)

  • 1233 days ago via site
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In search for my lucky number, I browse "lucky number"... 13 appears. It's obvious. taylor+I is meant to be.

  • 1278 days ago via site
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Here's one of the song artwork's I was talking about... Ain't it pretty? :-) 'Course I © all over Katy, Haha..sorry

  • 1452 days ago via site
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"china red" nails is classic. Me LOVE

  • 1628 days ago via site
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Everytime I get myself a new nailpolish from Make Up Store, I'll TwitPic! Deal :) The smile says it all.

  • 1640 days ago via site
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Conclusion: Mom knows NADA. This is how you express its radness.

  • 1651 days ago via site
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Huh??? Mom? Why do you look like that? *looking like Mom when she sees it"

  • 1651 days ago via site
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Look Mom! My new nail polish, isn't it rad??!

  • 1651 days ago via site
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I scream, you scream, everybody scream for ice cream!! Ahh...the smile says it all.

  • 1680 days ago via site
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....and this is the back. Isn't it just adorable? =)

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  • 1777 days ago via site
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Promoting Kate Moss lotion, haha!

  • 1802 days ago via site
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My new profile picture =) Plus, showing off my new hair!

  • 1831 days ago via site
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Yup, that's pretty damn raw :)
The only thing I'm wearing is the smallest amount of mascara you'll ever see!

  • 1879 days ago via site
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made by me =]

  • 1915 days ago via site
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my dog :) how i loved that one!
Her name was Lotti. We had to put her to sleep because of a stupid disease.
I loved that dog so much. I was probably
around 5 years old here :) Everything was
so easy back then. It was a great foundation for me to sta

  • 1918 days ago via site
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Oh My God. I have so much memories from this moment when this photo was taken!! Unbelieveable. It's me (emily) to the right and my sissy (beccy) to the left.
I loved that house, it was pink =)

  • 1918 days ago via site
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emily+webcam+weird contrasts = THIS :)

  • 1929 days ago via site
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