Buttz von Katzen


It's like an angry badger fighting its way out of a khaki bag! Spouting inane things into the maw of the internet since 1200baud.

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Pork chops, black eyed peas and rice, bacon sautéed spinach. #bestgirlfriend

Taking a page from 's book.

Alas, I have no jug-band skills, so mine is purely decorative

Angrycat is tucked in, still angry.

he's not really *that* big. He's not exactly friendly, though.

GIANT plume of smoke NW of the 26/526 interchange. #chs

This giant label might be a bit much for such a wee cigar. #justmaybe

It's like Cigar Aficionado and Maxim had a Fetal Alcohol Syndrome baby

This just got dropped on me at the shop


Walk into kitchen. Find this. Bad kitty. CLEVER kitty, but still bad.

No matter how wasteyfaced we get tonight, nobody put any fingers/toes/dicks in here, 'kay?

Weekend rations. #revengeofitsNOTatweetuptweetup2012

Me likey.

Cat whisperer.


Came home to find this. She's talking in her sleep.

For y'all twitter.

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