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Diabetes advocate, blogger, cartoonist. Founder of @YCDTProject. Driven by storytelling; reliant on insulin and levity. Stanford #MedX ePatient scholar.

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Mr. Shiny Eyes wants to play fetch. #corgis

Oh my goodness!! This just came in the mail from "the Simonpalooza KC gang"... wow. You guys! Thank you so much!!!

It would appear that the salad and Ritz crackers I had at lunch possessed some sort of magical properties. #diabetes

Aaron must have thought we were playing Jenga. I'm afraid to touch anything.

But you already knew that, yes? #corgis

I did it! #sweatbetes ()

It's getting all -y up in hurr. #diabetes #dexcom

They're here! And I can't wait to go low so that I can legitimately try one!

Neveryoumind where it started out. #diabetes

It took me this late in the day to realize that my socks don't match. #whoops

I am reminded of some funny people hoooo I like very much. (Remind you of anything, ?)

I'm blaring Spotify right now, and the dog is passed out a few feet behind me. #howdoyoudothat

And this is why you shouldn't leave a York Peppermint Pattie in your purse for four days.

I feel as though this might be The Church of the Zombie Jesus. #creepy

Wearing my blue for diabetes! #BlueFridays #WDD

Looooong roadtrips aren't so bad when you have and a good book!

Billy would like to "point" out that it's #T1Day.

Lots of blue 'round these parts today. #diabetes

Does anyone know why Billy's fur appears to be changing color? Started by his eyes and is creeping back.

"This bed is so comfy to lay... beside." #weirddog #shootslasersfromhisneck