I never asked for nothin I don't demand of myself/...Honesty, loyalty, friends and then wealth

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LML RT lmao nah its urs LoL

RT RT : me man could i see you after your my favorite battle rapper i know your going to kill E-Ness

RT RT : lol y u mad bro u gon lose to a white I'd bet money solomon wud beat u up too---

RT You a bitchmade ass nigga Smfh niggas stay with lux nuts in they mouth

RT Loaded Lux don't stand a chance Smfh It's gone be bad for that Old Nigga

Geebo453 this the people that believe you RT RT : Calicoe too Good for you Old nigga This shit about to be a funeral Rip Loaded Lux Detroit Bitch!!! Landslide

RT Yall hear this RT : It's a shame he cont to go off on black women & don't talk shit about men or other races of women

what you doing son ??

Thats how much people believe you RT RT : Calicoe is going to murda you >>>>>period

RT RT : So is just gonna kick 's ass??? I'm convinced you niggas just type shit for the fuck of it.

RT RT : how got all these other niggas talkin shit bout but when a DETROIT nigga say sum thing we buggin #weakshit

RT out of all the opponents...Calico is gonna put up the poorest fight. Theres nothing he can say to you

RT RT : “: Yu a legend but u got ass whooping coming yo way,at Sm2,Cal gone kill you it's gone be bad OG Smh....”<==The fuck?

All his fans LML RT RT : clips nice I fucs wit him cause he humble an fuc wit his fans unlike a lot of them go Hollywood

RT Dam My Billz jus Piled up on me.. They all Due Today.. Fuck ..thats in all 750$.. System be raping niggaz

RT RT : u gonna get bodied by jones 3-0 (Bwaahhahahahaha)

What the fuck you doing son LML

or not at SM2 we need answers