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indie iOS dev, farmer, father, further forever - founder, original NeXT developer 1989

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Just 2 words to describe the Tesla Model S : mind blowing

Bummed you can't see Instagram photos in Twitter? Grab Twittelator which shows them! Plz RT

Homemade sushi is in demand around here. Wash the rice super well and add sugar to the rice vinegar for great results

This year I'm grateful for #nm home grown sweet potatoes and family, you?

At the 5th annual 'Honoring Women in Technology' with award winner Katie Stone for producing KUNM Children's Hour

The moment I saw psycheart's iPhone cases, I hit buy. This #abq artist has some really cool cases

My insanity sauce does not care what color you are as long as you are hot, hot, HOT!

BTW those pickles are barrel pickles - ie not pressure canned - so be sure to start eating on the road!

The last pickles of the season - I made 250 quarts in the last 60 days, and hooked my friends up with half of them #abq

All my #nm gardening peeps - harvest or cover your chiles - dewpoint can freeze below 38 degrees. Mo' insanity sauce

Random bumper sticker: 'I dream of a world where chickens can cross the road without their motives being questioned'

Pro peeps: v.5.0.1 just shipped with lots of fixes - tap/hold tweet for insty-options. Here's how a tweet works now:

Forget the #zombieApocalypse - it's the fancy duct tape dolls that have me concerned

The end result of yesterday's ghost peppers is the "Oh Mayan Insanity Sauce" - logo designed by Emma

Considering using my ghost peppers (the world's hottest chile) with habaneros and jalapeño for homebrew insanity sauce

¿Sabes el nombre de esta chile roja carribe? It's shape is identical to our beloved habanero but red red!

You'll need the t-shirt #iheartkale

So remember first being able to send and receive faxes on the NeXT ~ 1991? Just found this...

Ok scarabs, you can have that nectarine... They are so drunk on nectar, they won't budge!

Be sure to follow Neue's designer He is able to find odd in multiple dimensions simultaneously (bozo mine)