Autistic twin sons + 1 NT daughter. All under 6. 31yo single mama with Asperger's, GAD, Raynaud's Syndrome & Fibromyalgia. Need I say more?

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And totally my natural color...

How do they get so dirty so fast? How?

Check it out, y'all! I bought my first new thing for my house! #2WeeksAndCounting

The school called & said he got a scrape on his arm today...That's a lil more than a fucking scrape.

Clouds are pretty this morning...

Sunrise again...

Sunrise... #CloudPorn

It's stupid shit like this that makes me lose faith in humanity... #OffYourAss

You've never seen a kid so happy to go to the dr... #doughnutholes

LOL I feel like I should be in the 50s.

See! What's with the curls? My hair was stick straight as a kid!

My hair is trying to curl, y'all. Also, that's my natural color. ;)

They're being good. I may have to get frosty's.

The other side...

Flat ironed!

This is what my hair does if I comb it & don't blow dry it or anything then nap on it. LOL

She gave me her puppy so I'd feel better. #babygirl #totalsweetheart

You sent it to me, didn't you? LOL

Nothing says #HomeHer12 like a pic of the contents of your "suitcase" dumped all over your bed!

This dog...she is stealthy in the dark. Also, scary as hell. #HomeHer12