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Typical Saggitarian always reaching for the stars - i.e. Sagitta A :-) http://t.co/oanisiAO61 Other than that I'm a complete mystery to most people.

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Ok this is a single #ISS frame, anyone know if the faint lines at the top are #Soyuz #Progress ship?

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@T_Star_ Good morning Tommy - TY for RT - so very happy it's Friday - 8 hrs to go and I'm outta here, let's row!

Good morning Tommy - TY for RT - so very happy it's Friday - 8 hrs to go and I'm outta here, let's row!

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Morning all. Here we go again, jetstream bucketloads of the stuff accompanied by gale force winds #rain

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Aaaaaaarrrggh!! Pass me the Jack, this is the 10th time this has corrupted and died on me in the last 2 weeks

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Just found baby blackbird in my open g'house, had 2 crawl around & pick up to show him the exit, v exhausted chap

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So this was a good spot by the Monarch Airline, but now back home sorting out LOADS of photos #avgeek #DuxAirShows

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Large jumbo jet WAY too low over us 2nite 21.19pm, here disappearing SW, few mins later it was back again! #noisy

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Seen on a perspex hoarding board....

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I'm the pink marker on here, y'day when I could see across frm Collier Row I was at the blue marker

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I really must take the roof off this chair!

What a great thing a launch is to watch even frm a livestream, how much better it must be to watch in person #ATV4

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Oscar the Lab seems ok after last night's messy ending, Lavender the rabbit chomping on daisies too #happyanimals

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This day just keeps getting better! Our gold circle tickets have arrived #CapitalSTB

Excitement comes in a box, now we're cooking with super gas

Any day now! The first #cacti will open up 3 enormous trumpet flowers will fill conservatory with an amazing scent

Hard to imagine this time last year the Braintree Bombshells basking on roof of Toorak Hotel for TapUK 2012 w'kend

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Thermals coming out again!

Leaving Masham, great place v friendly Yorkshire people here

Wtf..BT Engineer finally here, said he didn't fancy going up pole at 3 mins to 5pm, I've convinced him otherwise

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Don't get a lot of crime here but I've locked myself in as this cop has been hovering over us for nearly 45 mins

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